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Surveillance Investigations

Updated: May 30, 2022

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Most people live their lives honestly, respecting the values and norms of society today. Many see the best in others or abide by the laws and rules we live by. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who are dishonest and prone to fraud, lies, and corruption.

Our team of private detectives helps individuals, small businesses, as well as large companies, and we specialize in many areas of investigation ... from searching ... for your partner and fraud to surveillance and criminal investigations.

Our detectives are highly trained, intelligent, experienced, and specialized in gathering information. They can restore your peaceful sleep by gathering meaningful and crucial information or even allow you to obtain a court ruling thanks to the knowledge gathered.

The right time to hire a private detective is in line with the proverb "Prevention is better than cure". If you are:

  • Victim of fraud

  • Suffered material or non-material damage

  • In the process of gathering evidence for private lawsuits

  • In the process of claiming persons who have caused you harm or persons who act anonymously against you, your family, or your company

  • In an attempt to locate the assets of your debtors that he is hiding and thus preventing the collection of receivables

Unfortunately, such cases are becoming more frequent, but through private investigations and gathering of evidence by qualified private detectives, you have the opportunity to enter court proceedings with all the necessary information.

What happens when a person disappears completely? When a surveillance investigation is necessary, how do save time and money? When trying to reduce material costs, you will probably work with a lawyer at the beginning of the investigation, but unfortunately, without adequate tools, experience, skills, and methodology, you may be deprived of key information. That is why it is important to hire qualified investigators to investigate and gather evidence in cases of crimes that are being prosecuted in a private lawsuit.

Our team documents by carefully observing the place or object and the interaction of the subject. Whatever the purpose, the Private Detective Agency team of investigators will professionally conduct surveillance services and provide the information you want.

Why Conduct Surveillance?

There are a variety of reasons, from investigating crime to locating an individual, to conducting a surveillance investigation.

• To prevent crime

• To obtain evidence of a crime

• To obtain evidence in civil suits

• To document an individual's location

• To document activities in/around a location

• To obtain information for interrogation purposes

• To obtain information to be used in court

The Ethics of Surveillance

When it comes to surveillance, private investigators must always act in a lawful and ethical way. For example, our private investigators are not allowed to hack into private online accounts, secretly bug phones, or spy on someone in a private place, such as within a home. Understanding the does and don’t of private surveillance is critical to ensure private investigators avoid legal trouble of their own and ensure they are operating ethically.

Types of Surveillance

Surveillance investigations often have a broad scope and can include a variety of different types of surveillance. For example, surveillance could be active (e.g. physically monitoring a person or place) or passive (e.g. evaluating reports or documents). It could also take place in both the physical and digital worlds. Generally speaking, there are four primary types of surveillance:

  • Digital Surveillance - This includes monitoring a person or group’s online activity. This would include monitoring a person’s public social media, participation in forums online, or any other publicly available online or digital activity.

  • Physical Surveillance - This approach to surveillance encompasses everything that would classically fall under the definition of surveillance, such as staking out a location, following a suspect on foot or by vehicle, and recording a person’s public activities.

  • Interview Surveillance - Interviewing people also fall under the umbrella of surveillance and can include interviewing suspects, coworkers, witnesses, family, and friends depending on the particular type of case.

  • Technical Surveillance - Technical surveillance encompasses all active and passive surveillance activities that involve tools, such as audio, video, or any other technical method for capturing and recording information.

At our Private Detective Agency, private detectives, in addition to focusing on solving existing problems, are committed to preventing and reducing the day-to-day risks that clients face. You can consult with us very quickly, confidentially, and for free. Schedule a consultation on our website in the online contact form section!

Our team is at your disposal 24 hours a day!

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