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Private Detective Agency™  Pricing

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You are important to us. Our prices, plans and features are in complete cost-efficiency and cost transparency. We would like you to send you our current pricing from our Sales & Client Services via E-Mail. Please fill out the online form below for more details. 

Hiring our consulting investigators with legal know-how is not only worthwhile in matters of competence and meticulousness, but also for financial reasons. We try to keep our fair price level despite the employment of top specialists. In cases of judicial relevance, it is often possible to do the reimbursed of expenses.

Private Detective Agency is obligated to execute the mandate diligently in the interests of the Client. The fees will be charged on the basis of hours spent.  A lump sum agreement can be arranged in advanced between the Client and the Private Detective Agency. In addition, the Client shall pay a lump sum of 3 % of the total fees owed (exclusive of VAT 7.7%) to cover postage, telecommunication charges, photocopies, and other incidental expenses. All other expenses shall be reimbursed separately. The Client shall be responsible for the payment of fees or costs by third parties, government authorities and/or courts.

Our detective and investigator fees, one price for Switzerland: Hourly rate per investigator employed: from CHF 90.- up to CHF 165.-, depending on the case and subject. Hourly rate per Expert or Head of Investigation: from CHF 125.- up to CHF 250.-, depending on the case and subject. One-off basic assignment fee (not applicable for flat-rate investigations): CHF 80.- 

For our detectives, we charge the travel costs for the outward and return journey as working time according to the respective rates and Swiss Labor Law, plus car expenses of CHF 1.25 per km. For assignments lasting several days, the costs for the detective's meals and accommodation are charged separately.  Initial interviews outside our Head Office in Zurich will be assessed as counselling interviews and charged with our hourly rate. Outward and return travel expenses are charged at CHF 1.25 per km.

All detective assignments in EU (excluding Switzerland) are charged at a separate rate of CHF 135.- per hour and employee.  All detective assignments in other countries (excluding Switzerland and EU) are charged at a separate rate of CHF 150.- up to CHF 250.- per hour and employee. Travel time is working time. The advance payment is 100%.

Every case will be followed with signed Agreement, Invoice for payment on Corporate Bank Account, and communication from E-Mail 
Any questions left? If you would like to contact us with a simple online form, please use Contact Us FormWe would be happy to advise you via WhatsApp + 41 44 586 60 33. WhatsApp Us today.

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