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Due Diligence Investigations

Due diligence is the comprehensive analysis of either a person or a business to establish their credibility during a legal transaction. A due diligence investigation is the examination of a company’s management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, clients, and anything else that details how a business functions. It is vital to conduct a due diligence investigation before a merger, company purchase, or acquisition because it reveals hidden liabilities. We are providing all kinds of Due Diligence Investigations, most of them are Business Due Diligence Investigation, Individual Due Diligence Investigation or Investment Due Diligence Investigation.

Private Due Diligence

In the past years, our investigators and detectives have successfully helped our clients to solve private, domestic and debt settlement issues in Switzerland & Liechtenstein by locating:

·     Divorce Disputes. 

·     Debtors and non-payers in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, EU, EMEA.

·     Children unlawfully taken to Switzerland & Liechtenstein, by one of the parents.

·     People they have lost contact-with.

Real Estate Due Diligence

Switzerland’s real estate market is booming, and many local entrepreneurs are marketing various real estate deals to overseas clients as an investment. Nevertheless, in many cases, the deal offered turns out to be not so lucrative, to say the least, and in some cases, a downright swindle. Let us preview the deal for you and check the following points:

·     Real estate ownership, construction rights, urban planning etc.

·     The companies’ and the entrepreneur’s background.

·     Site Visits and Verification.

·     In case of yielding property:

a) check actual tenants and their background

b) check actual yield

c) check the condition of the property

Corporate Due Diligence

When dealing with your Switzerland business connection, accurate information retrieval is essential for any business decision. Whether for investment, screening, or compliance with regulatory issues, we can provide the data you require. We will get the most up-to-date information, whether public or discreet, from various sources. Our experienced team can provide custom tailored due diligence reports, in the format that you require, to help suit your needs:

·     The companies’ actual volume of business

·     Corporate Registry Extracts & Translation

·     Ties to other companies

·     Bankruptcy Checks (Business & Personal)

·     Litigation Search

·     Company Profile Reports

·     Media & Reputation Checks

·     Company Director & Shareholder Reports Real Estate Records

·     Site Visits and Verification

·     Background Checks of Business owners or Shareholders

Loan and Surety Bonds Due Diligence

When dealing with your Swiss Loan Provider or Swiss Surety Bonds provider, mostly for international Loans and Loan Programmes, we can provide the data you require to be sure that your Swiss Loan Provider or Swiss Loan Guarantee provider are legal and if they could act as you are informed. 


















Our Know-How, Experience and Liability: 220 years of know-how and 85+ years of combined investigative & intelligence management experience. We are globally operating, and we are authorized by the security department of state. We were on the cases worth more than USD 45 billion collectively. Furthermore, we are licensed, discreet, experienced and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance).

To schedule, a free consultation with our Global & Swiss office on any type of investigation or case please fill out the contact form on the Webpage Contact Us.

If you are interested in Due Diligence Global News and Articles, please visit Financial Times Due Diligence.

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