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LEGAL Policy

Legal Policy

You are important to us. It is Swiss Credit Solutions LLC policy to respect your privacy and legal rights regarding any information we may collect from you across this website, and other sites and channels we own and operate. Any information and material contained in this Website are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute legal or professional or any other kind of advice, nor do they constitute an offer to supply legal services or to enter in other kind of contract or relationship.


The content of the Website cannot be considered, in any case, as a substitute for legal advice, investigative advice, business intelligence advice or advice of any other nature. The material may also be changed, deleted, improved or updated unilaterally without prior notice, and without assumption of any responsibility.

When Private Detective Agency of Swiss Credit Solutions LLC is contracted, it commits to carry out the work with the utmost professionalism during the agreed time, in order to accomplish the goals. However, the client pays for the effort dedicated to carrying out the work and not for the achievement of the hoped result.  


Every case will be followed with signed Agreement, Invoice for Payment on Corporate Bank Account, and communication from E-Mail 

Private Detective Agency of Swiss Credit Solutions LLC is obligated to execute the mandate diligently in the interests of the Client. The fees will be charged on the basis of hours spent.  A lump sum agreement can be arranged in advanced between the Client and the Private Detective Agency. In addition, the Client shall pay a lump sum of 3 % of the total fees owed (exclusive of VAT 7.7%) to cover postage, telecommunication charges, photocopies, and other incidental expenses. All other expenses shall be reimbursed separately. The Client shall be responsible for the payment of fees or costs by third parties, government authorities and/or courts.

Important: Specific results and favorable outcomes cannot be guaranteed as we cannot make a person do something at the exact moment, we're on surveillance, nor can we show a person having a civil/criminal history if not on record within our proprietary databases, city/county or state court records, etc. We are committed to conducting an ethical, honest and prudent investigation and will use our expertise to provide you with the best services possible.

Corporate Liability Insurance: We are fully insured up to CHF 10M per Client and Case.

The user agrees that all the present General Conditions of use of the Website shall be governed by the Law of Switzerland and agrees to submit any dispute related to the use of the Website to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Switzerland.
If you would like to contact us, please use Contact Us Form.

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