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Private Investigations Private Detective Agency

Private Investigations Private Detective Agency

Most people think of investigations as something that only law enforcement personnel do. However, there are many complex issues in life that law enforcement simply does not have the legal ability to help solve your problem. Fortunately, our team of private investigators can help you when you need investigative services either in Switzerland or internationally.

In previous topics on our blog, we described our services and problems faced by individuals and companies and highlighted the importance of a private investigator in our lives. To what extent have you gained a true picture of the completeness of our services? Do you have a barrier as to when solving a problem should be left to a private investigator?

A private investigator or private detective, the first thought is of a person who easily fits in the middle, who is always suspicious of everyone and everything, but this is also a person who should be your true friend. However, a detective is a person who collects evidence and investigates crimes and crimes. He can perform his duty as a member of the police or in a private arrangement, as a private detective. A private detective must have a license to do his job.

Whether you are an individual, law firm, business, or insurance company, our private investigators in Zurich have the experience and proven track record of providing investigative services specific to your needs. Our private detectives have successfully provided investigative services to clients in a wide variety of problem areas, including criminal defense, family court, insurance claims, employment claims, missing persons, and other investigative services specific to individual needs.

As a carefully formed private detective agency of recognized subject matter experts, we work with you and provide the right resources specific to your investigation needs. We consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate. When you choose to work with a Private Detective Agency, you are guaranteed accurate, fair, and timely results. We are uniquely qualified to provide the range of services required of a research firm in today's environment. Our staff of professional investigators knows the Bay Area inside and out. Our many years of experience and our connections are an integral part of our success.

We approach every case the same way… what do you need and what is the best strategy to achieve your goals? Our strategy for your case depends on what's important to you...time constraints, priorities, and budget. We will find a solution that best suits your situation and needs.

Our staff consists of highly qualified investigators, who have excellent people and organizational skills. We believe that many cases require not only detailed investigation but also organizational insight and capabilities. Private Investigator Switzerland has the in-depth knowledge to provide thorough and reliable investigative services to corporations, financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies, and consumers worldwide. We deal in direct, hands-on investigation and major case management. We use effective tools and information systems to improve the investigative process.

During the previous two years, our lives have been completely reorganized. The Covid 19 pandemic has changed lives and behaviors as people have struggled to adapt to life in social distancing and altered routines. Across Zurich and across the country, Swiss citizens patiently refrained from many activities that could potentially increase the spread of the disease. However, there are some things that just can't be put aside even in the midst of a pandemic—issues like suspected marital infidelity, lost loved ones, and other concerns that may require professional detectives to conduct personal investigations.

Private investigation services:


Spouse infidelity is an extremely delicate matter and we understand this like nobody else. That is exactly the reason why at Private Detective Agency we treat each adultery case with great respect, care, and complete confidentiality. You can rest assured that everything our private investigators see and capture will never be shared with any third party unless you request us to do so.


When an individual makes a false claim on an insurance policy (medical, automotive, or real estate insurance), a private investigator is required to prove the fact that the claim was fraudulent. At Private Detective Agency, we are perfectly equipped to gather all the necessary information that will enable you to successfully resolve any insurance fraudulence case.


This type of private investigation may be required in case of divorce (when one of the spouses does not fully declare their assets), unpaid child support, or settling business relationships (including unpaid debts). At Private Detective Agency, we can quickly help you with locating missing individuals, hidden property (such as real estate), or financial assets.


If you are about to hire an employee or rent your property to a new tenant but you do not feel confident, you most likely need to perform a background check to make sure you will be dealing with an honest and reputable person you can trust. At Private Detective Agency, we employ a variety of measures that let us deliver quick and efficient results.


If you are a parent and you disagree with your former spouse regarding child custody, the court will make the final decision. In order to justify your rights, you need to gather a piece of solid evidence that the other parent cannot fulfill their responsibilities for whatever reason. At Private Detective Agency, we can help you with this sensitive matter in a quick, efficient, and professional manner.


When you run a service or retail company, you never know what is going on when you are off-site. Unless you privately check your staff, making sure it complies with specified requirements, the low-quality service can damage the reputation of your business. At Private Detective Agency, we can engage a secret shopper and provide you with a detailed report.


If you have decided to reunite with a relative you didn’t see for decades, or, God forbid, your kid has left the house and you have no idea where they are, you may decide to hire a private investigator. We have the necessary resources and expertise that allow us to locate missing individuals anywhere in Switzerland or internationally. Just let us know what is going on and we will start an investigation ASAP.


Our law enforcement and military experience allow us to conduct high-quality undercover operations that may be required when we are dealing with complex private investigation cases. These operations help us discover various types of illegal activity or simply establish a fact that is vital for legal proceedings. We are ready. Are you?


Elder financial abuse, fraud, and exploitation have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. These situations may involve the misappropriation of funds and assets by individuals who are in a position of trust, including caregivers, family members, and financial advisors. Elder fraud also pertains to investment scams, insurance schemes, and predatory financial services targeting older persons. Private Detective Agency conducts investigations of elder fraud and financial abuse for families and their legal advisors.


Privacy invasion and illegal electronic surveillance may badly affect your personal life or your business. At Private Detective Agency, we will quickly detect any kind of bugs, hidden cameras, and recording devices installed within your premises and eliminate non-legitimate and harmful surveillance activities. Do not take the chance; Debug your office or residential space today.


The art market is notoriously opaque. We create transparency and accountability through due diligence and professional investigation. Private Detective Agency is a licensed investigative agency that assists collectors, artists, dealers, insurers, and cultural institutions. Our investigative capabilities include investment and art fund frauds, forgeries, counterfeits, thefts, misattributions, price manipulation, collusion, and kickback schemes. We seek to reduce risks, resolve disputes and recover losses.


Private Detective Agency conducts investigations of cybercrime and internet fraud. We have successfully investigated online fraud schemes and their perpetrators in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. We also conduct investigations of internet-based security breaches, payment fraud, industrial espionage, and related exploits.


With internet dating fraud rising year on year, it can be hard to know who and what to trust from an online dating profile. Aside from the risk of being humiliated or lied to, romance scams can be orchestrated by criminals intent on stealing money and information through clever and ever-changing schemes. Our online dating fraud investigations can reassure you that dating profiles are sincere by recognizing the honest individuals from the scammers, preventing the latter from incurring any lasting damage. Our affordable and confidential online dating fraud investigations can begin with background checks and advice surrounding is known scamming techniques and profiles.


Private Detective Agency investigates fraud and financial crimes for public and private corporations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. We work closely with business owners, executives, and legal counsel to provide clear answers in complex cases. Every investigation is led by a Certified Fraud Examiner.


Private Detective Agency conducts pre-transaction due diligence to reduce the risk of new investments and acquisitions. We work with investors, law firms, and corporate clients. Our investigators check the material facts of the prospectus or offer – and the backgrounds of the people involved – before funds are transferred.


Improvements in automated anti-fraud systems and 'know your customer (KYC) compliance at banks and brokerage firms have reduced the incidence of fraudulent activity related to money laundering, identity theft, and wire fraud. Yet despite advances in account screening and security protocols, financial institutions remain a common target for fraudulent schemes and related crimes.

We have assisted financial institutions, insurers, and law firms with investigations of mortgage fraud, wire fraud, internet fraud, payment fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and investment fraud. We have also led investigations of rogue traders, corruption, collusion, and internal fraud schemes.

Private Detective Agency provides investigative support for banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, and mutual fund institutions. We work with in-house attorneys and outside counsel, as well as bank executives and personnel in operational units such as loan, mortgage, and fraud departments.

In addition to fraud investigation, Private Detective Agency specializes in comprehensive personal and commercial asset searches to support financial recovery in litigation, settlement, and post-judgment collection.


Investment fraud investigations are conducted for investors who suspect their funds may be at risk in an illegitimate or illegal offering, and for victims seeking financial recovery from collapsed or corrupt schemes. Private Detective Agency is a licensed investigative agency that works with law firms, financial institutions, securities regulators, federal receivers, and private investors. Every investment fraud investigation is led by a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Our team of investigators conducts discreet and diligent investigations to verify whether fraud has occurred, document the extent of losses, and identify responsible parties. We coordinate our findings with law enforcement and legal counsel to support criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

At our agency Private Detective Agency, we guarantee full confidentiality and discretion. We are known for great quality, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. Unlike many other private investigators, we only work with top-level law enforcement & military-trained personnel. Once you grant us the necessary investigation mandate, we will constantly keep you updated while providing you with professional in-depth reports. We are fully licensed and insured in Switzerland and internationally and we always ensure that we act in accordance with all municipal, provincial, and federal regulations, as well as follow the rules of the Code of Conduct of the Private Security & Investigative Services Act. Private Detective Agency from Zurich's favorite private investigation agency you can trust.

We employ only experienced private detectives that meet the high standard requirement of experience required to meet each client's specific need.

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If you would like to discuss a potential investigation, please complete our online form. You can also speak to our investigator by contacting our office at +41-44-586-60-33.

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