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Our investigations indicate Is your donation helping people or enriching a cyber criminal?

Our investigations indicate Is your donation helping people or enriching a cyber criminal? Private Detective Agency

One proverb says: "Help and help will come" Have you ever wondered if your donation is going to the right address? Yes, not once, but more than once... So let's "talk" a little about this topic...

It is known that the Corona virus has caused a huge human tragedy more than ever, it has clearly singled out classes of people. Many were left without their loved ones, without work, we can say freely that the course of life has completely changed. I know people who got their first job at the age of 55. Yes, yes, it's true that at the age of 55, they acquire work habits for the first time and adapt to an organization, a system of functioning in the company... Inflation is growing in many countries. Today in the global crisis, many are in desperate need of basic supplies and transportation, everywhere in the world. However, there are those who profited, and those who are grateful that their workplaces resisted the temptation of the global crisis, so they want to do a good deed and donate money. Donation websites seem to have made it easier to support cybercrime. How ?! Despite the disbelief, the speed with which these websites appeared raised questions: which sites are real and which are scams trying to take advantage of people's goodwill?

Within hours of the first breaking news in the media, fake websites appeared claiming to raise funds to help the affected area. They looked real, had photos from the scene, of the victims, (taken from news sites) and had links to accept donations. But they were either from organizations no one had heard of or from seemingly legitimate organizations but with strange web addresses. Worse, due to the global shutdown of the Global Domain Naming System's "Voice" function (in response to the interpretation of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR) it was impossible to find out which entity actually registered the URL. Bad actors can use similar tactics to take advantage of those trying to help sick children, vulnerable people, etc.

How to make sure donation pages are legitimate?

Trusted sources, such as newspapers and television stations, will usually identify legitimate organizations or websites that accept donations and distribute those funds appropriately. In addition, other well-known charities, such as the Red Cross, are already helping and have information on how donations can be made. If you decide to donate, keep in mind the following red flags to watch out for. If you see any of these when looking at an attachment site, think twice (or more) about trusting it.

Strange web addresses: Web addresses that do not clearly reflect the name of the charity they purport to represent are suspicious. Weird ways to contribute: Any site that suggests the best way to help is to buy a gift card or pre-paid credit card and transfer the numbers from those cards to charity. Charities don't work this way. Even if a site claims to accept credit card payments, their goal may be to gain access to your credit card information. Only trust organizations you know or have been vetted by organizations you trust. Furthermore, avoid using a debit card, as it can be used to wipe out your entire bank account. Credit cards often have fraud guarantees from the issuing bank to protect you. If you're thinking about donating, take a moment to ensure that your contribution is going to a reputable source and that it will ultimately end up where you intended and not in the hands of a cybercriminal.

If you have been a victim of cybercrime, it is certainly the right time to talk. Our elite cyber risk leaders are uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end investigation services worldwide. For immediate assistance with a cyber incident, contact us via one of our 24/7 cyber incident hotlines.

What do you know - don't know about cyber risk?

Virtually every area of an organization today is digitally interconnected. No matter where, when or how you need help, Private Detective Agency is the your investigation services partner to call first, with industry and technical experts, unique insight and trailblazing technology.

Beyond the risks of accidental loss of sensitive information or malicious actor threats, our experts also look at cyber security through the lens of “unintended consequences.” From system upgrades or a move to the cloud … to applications meant to improve the customer experience … and to integral third-party relationships, one misstep can cascade into cyber attack, wire fraud, ransomware, data breaches and more; not to mention regulatory action, civil litigation and reputational damage. That’s why we’ve structured our practice to deliver end-to-end cybersecurity solutions quickly and seamlessly, anywhere in the world.

Global, end-to-end investigation services

Our experts Private Detective Agency provide rapid response to more than 3,500 cyber incidents of all types annually. We help countless more clients with litigation support (including expert witness services); managed detection and response services for both active threats and as an integral part of network security; notification solutions, including multilingual call center support; and proactive services, including general and threat-focused risk assessments, response planning, tabletop exercises and more. With years of public and private sector experience and law enforcement service, our cyber security experts can provide invaluable leadership at any point in the cyber risk continuum.

Our experts are able to deliver best-in-class network, endpoint and cloud security through our managed detection and response solution, Kroll Responder. Responder handles every step, with 24/7 managed detection and response services fueled by threat hunting and superior incident response.

Our collaborative team culture ensures you always benefit from the latest threat intelligence, best practices and technological advancements for every challenge, start to finish. Private Detective Agency is also a preferred/approved investigation services vendor for more than 50 cyber insurance carriers, including some of the largest underwriters in the world, and offers client-friendly retainers that cover both incident response and proactive services.

Talk to a Private Detective Agency Expert

Private Detective Agency is ready to help, 24/7. Use the links on this page to explore our services further or speak to a our expert today via our 24/7 cyber incident hotlines or our contact page.

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